The Farm


Acres to Run and Play


Dogwood Farms sits on over 20 acres and has multiple yards for the dogs to run and play in.  The main yard is two acres which is completely fenced in with a pool to cool off in and trees for shade.  You can see the dogs sprint across the yard chasing each other, and other times they just lay in the shade and watch the horses in the distance.  Attached to the main yard is a brick patio area that is great for lounging in the sun or …waiting for dinner by the kitchen door. 


Additional Yards and Cottages

There are two additional yards which each include large heated dog cottages.  The dog cottages are each over 90 square feet.  The main cottage even includes heated floors for your dogs comfort.  Inside are chairs, beds, and furniture to make the dogs feel at home when they want their own space away from it all. 

The Farmhouse


The farmhouse was built in 1860 but has been renovated to make it as comfortable as possible.  Inside it still maintains the old farmhouse charm.  The home is over 3500 square feet and this is where your dogs sleep at night.  Dog beds are spread throughout the home, and you’ll often see 2-3 dogs cuddled together on one bed, even though there are plenty available. 


Summer or Winter

The whole property is beautiful and looks great in the golden warmth of summer.  It’s also cozy in the winter when there is a blanket of snow and the dogs are cuddled up inside.  If you would like to see the property contact us and we would be glad to give you a tour.  Also, if you would like to learn a bit more about why you should choose wag-a-tail vacations for your dog then visit this page.  Looking forward to meeting you and your pets soon!