Why Choose Wag-A-Tail Vacations?


All Inclusive

Here at Wag-a-Tail vacations we beleive in giving your dogs what they need without all the extra fees.  If your dog needs medications 3 times a day you are covered.  If your dog needs their own space we have that to.  Special feeding requests are also accommodated.  Freedom to move in and out of the house whenever.  Check.  

Always Included:
Necessary medications, pills, and shots
Special feeding requests
Their own space if requested
Playtime, treats, and additional walks

The Property

Our farm is one of a kind, feel free to see for yourself.  We are less than 20 miles from DC, Annapolis, and Alexandria.  There are acres and acres for your dogs to run around in which are completely fenced in.  There is a patio area to lounge in and heated doggie suites which are over 90 sq ft each.  A fenced in pool allows your dogs to cool off, and of course we have the huge farmhouse where the dogs all live and sleep.

Our Property Includes:
3+ acres of dog play area
Fenced in outdoor pool
Two heated doggie suites
Multiple yards to play in
3500 sq ft farmhouse

All Social


All of the dogs here are able to socialize with others dogs as much as they like.  In fact we only allow dogs who get along with other dogs.  They can run and play together, wrestle on the ground, and jump in the pool.  Dogs are not separated into kennels or yards where there is a fence dividing them.  They are free to choose when and who they play with whenever they want.